SIS - Ship Information System

- to ensure the environmentally safest transportation of oil and gas products.

Ship Information System (SIS) is a system operated by Oceaneering for Equinor, Phillips 66, Circle K, Petrobras, and, Gassco, who have entered into a mutual cooperation agreement to share a common database of Vessel data in order to ensure that these shipments are as safe as possible.

In their effort to achieve this, their fleet and vessels chartered from many ship owners undergo regular inspections to ensure they meet each partner’s individual standards for quality and security.

The SIS application is an essential tool for capturing and making available to the partners, technical, inspection and experience data from ships anywhere in the world.

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Vessel Incident Repository (VIR) Reporting Guidelines
In an effort to streamline reporting, and as part of our Marine Assurance program vetting assessment process, vessel technical operators are requested to upload vessel Incident Investigation reports directly into OCIMF's Vessel Incident Repository (VIR). This can be done on the OCIMF SIRE application here;